Vicinity of Obscenity

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  1. overthebudget reblogged this from systemofadixon and added:
    There was a comment made by Norman once where he states Beth is not a child, but a woman and he mentions ‘little sister’…

Ah, yes thankyou. I’ve only just found it. I’ve been hearing people say that stuff for a while so I just wanted to clarify what they hell they were talking about cos its been making my head hurt. THANKS!

dixongurl said: They all pulled it out of their asses. They never said that.

See, that’s what I thought. The only thing I can find that mentions anything like that is in this interview with Kirkman:

TWD: We see more of the Beth and Daryl relationship in this episode, where they’re at the grave and Beth takes his hand. What do you make of that dynamic at this point? I’m having a hard time placing it. Is that more romantic or more brotherly? What do you make of that?

RK: I definitely wouldn’t read things to be too romantic. I think that Daryl, for all his sex appeal, is incredibly introverted and I don’t think that he really looks at things in that light. They’re forming a very—I don’t know that it’s necessarily quite brotherly/sisterly—but they are forming a very strong bond that is going to be… they’re forming a very strong bond between the two of them. I don’t know how much you want to read into that, but there might be something there. You never know.

And right there Kirkman shuts it down.